COVID-19 Update in Woodland Hills, CA

Updates on COVID & the Dental Office | December 2020

In the last 9 months there has been a tremendous amount of change in safety protocols in the dental office.  As a result of this, Covid prevalence in dentists has been established to be .09%  (American Dental Assoc) whereas in LA County, the positivity rate is now almost 12%!

Dental offices have done a tremendous job of establishing safety measures that protect themselves, the patients, and the staff.  This starts with a detailed questionnaire a few days before your appointment. Any RED FLAGS and patients are rescheduled and/or advised to have a covid test before reappointing.

This same form is used when you arrive and your temperature is taken.  Strict hygiene measures are always in place. We clean and sterilize our office and equipment as if everyone is an asymptomatic carrier. We have hospital-grade HEPA filters in the waiting room and each treatment room.   My graduate degree from UCLA, one of the top ranked PUBLIC HEALTH programs in the country and my constant monitoring of CDC updates keeps our office safe.    Of Course, wearing a mask is required.   None of my staff or their immediate family has had Covid. My team is all following strict safety protocols, out of the office.   Patients who come in often remark that they “Feel completely safe in our office”

In addition, as a Board Member of West Hills Hospital, the CEO is constantly sending us the latest info about Covid in our community.  Essential workers are all part of a larger team supporting front line workers.  We all have the same goal, keeping your health well cared for and keeping you safe from Covid at the same time.  If you are having a dental issue, please do not hesitate to come in and have this addressed.  Take care of this in the early stages, waiting usually makes treatment more involved and expensive.

Stay safe and wear your mask!

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