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Can a Smile Makeover Show More of My Teeth?

Many people dislike the overall appearance of their smiles. Whether it has misaligned or yellowed teeth, a smile makeover may be a good option for you. This treatment uses multiple procedures to help improve the aesthetic of your smile. Board-certified…
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Dental Health Linked to Heart Health

When my Mother was 92, she needed carotid artery surgery for 97% blockage. When I took her to Kaiser pre-op, one of the first things the intake nurse said was, “take out your dentures.” My Mom strongly replied, “these are…
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Making Life Easier at the Dentist’s Office

Of all the healthcare professionals out there, it’s a safe bet to say dentists are people’s least favorite. It might be associated with the pain of having someone invading your mouth or just the uncomfortable sensation of a doctor drilling…
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