Can a Smile Makeover Show More of My Teeth?

Many people dislike the overall appearance of their smiles. Whether it has misaligned or yellowed teeth, a smile makeover may be a good option for you. This treatment uses multiple procedures to help improve the aesthetic of your smile. Board-certified dentist Dr. Susan Fredericks can help design a treatment plan to completely revamp your smile. Schedule a consultation with Southern Cal Smiles in Woodland Hills, CA to learn how a smile makeover can help your smile.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover consists of both cosmetic and restorative dental procedures that help to improve the overall appearance of your smile, including

  • Dental bonding
  • Dental restorations (bridges, crowns, and implants)
  • Teeth Whitening treatment (both at home and in-office treatments)
  • Invisalign® treatments
  • Dental fillings
  • Veneers

The personalized treatment plan Dr. Fredericks designs will take multiple parts of your appearance into account. Your skin tone, hair color, the shape of your lips, and the look of your teeth will be considered to match your smile makeover to you. Any smile makeover starts with a consultation with Susan Fredericks, D.D.S., so she can assess your current smile and plan a treatment course to best achieve your smile goals.

What type of results can I expect after my smile makeover?

The main goal of any smile makeover treatment is to improve the overall aesthetic of your smile. However, you can also target specific issues. While a smile makeover does not specifically make your teeth show, it does improve their look. Your procedures may also elongate your teeth or even the appearance of your smile. This may show more of your teeth than you could previously.

  • You can improve the color of your teeth and reduce the number of stains present on them.
  • Alignment issues can also be fixed with these procedures. If you have crooked teeth that affect the appearance of your smile, we may be able to help.
  • Missing or lost teeth can be fixed with dental restorations.
  • Chipped teeth, uneven spacing, and odd tooth length can be fixed with veneers and dental bonding.

Our offices can help you to be proud of your smile and enjoy showing off your new teeth. If you are in need of a smile makeover, contact Southern Cal Smiles in Woodland Hills, CA today.

How should I care for my smile makeover after my procedures?

The most important part of keeping your new smile in good condition is following any aftercare instructions Dr. Fredericks may give you. This keeps your smile healthy and enables you to show your new smile. You should also have a good oral care routine to help maintain the appearance of your smile. This will allow you to keep your smile in good condition. Depending on what specific treatments you have done, Dr. Fredericks may recommend certain products or follow-up visits.

Where can I get a smile makeover in Woodland Hills, CA?

A smile makeover can elongate and help even the appearance of your teeth. This may show more of your teeth than had previously been visible. If you dislike your current smile, a smile makeover may be a good option for you. Dr. Susan Fredericks can help you form a plan to help you reach your ideal smile. Contact Southern Cal Smiles in Woodland Hills, CA today for a full consultation on the state of your oral health.