Making Life Easier at the Dentist’s Office

Of all the healthcare professionals out there, it’s a safe bet to say dentists are people’s least favorite.

It might be associated with the pain of having someone invading your mouth or just the uncomfortable sensation of a doctor drilling in there. Either way, most people dread a visit to the dentist. Still, that hasn’t stopped dentists and dental experts from continually trying to find ways to make people’s lives easier. The industry is always on the verge of a new breakthrough that makes a trip to the dentist just a bit less terrifying.

Here are some ideas that our office does to make your visit easier!

Focus On Convenience

While not a technological breakthrough, there has been a significant focus on patients’ convenience and comfort when it comes to dentistry. Suffering from a toothache and having to go visit a dentist is painful enough, and patients hate any further complications. This is why there is a general trend or direction of convenience and streamlining.  This starts while the patient is still at home thinking about going to the dentist.

For starters, patients can now fill out questionnaires at their own pace. Gone are the days when you had to spend 30 minutes at the doctor’s office filling out forms asking about your medical history, collecting your insurance information and office verifying and being forced to wait in pain until you fill out these forms. You can do that at home, and email in the great majority of information. Adding to the perks you get on the internet, you can also pay online or via your phone, which makes things less complicated when it’s time to visit the dentist.

We want all the information gathered before you arrive, so that we may immediately get to work and inform you of what your insurance will cover. We want to make the best use of your insurance and having all this info prior to arrival, lessens your wait time.

Emotional Dentistry

Picking up from the last point, the emphasis on patient convenience in the dental industry has led to the birth of emotional dentistry –– a set of techniques and approaches focusing on the mental aspect of undergoing major dental procedures. Now, patients can have mockups and digital photos created to help them envision what they would look like once a procedure is over. This helps put their fears to rest and gives them the needed confidence to undergo such procedures. More importantly, it makes them committed to the outcome now that they’ve seen what the end results can look like with their own eyes.

Patients can even experiment with different smiles and shapes for their teeth before undergoing a procedure, which gives them the luxury of choice before settling on something as important as their teeth. You can look at different sets of teeth using visual and mockup techniques, and this helps you settle on the look that appeals the most to you, which in turn will reflect on your satisfaction with the final outcome.  We can also put you into temporary crowns/veneers with different shades of lightness and different lengths and sizes of teeth, so that you can take them for a trail run before committing to final product.  This ensures the patient will get the end result they desire.