Replacing Missing Teeth

At Susan Fredericks DDS/SouthernCalSmiles, we have several options for replacing missing teeth. If you have a tooth that unfortunately has to be removed, we can perform a procedure to replace it so you can regain the full functionality and appearance of your smile. If you live in West Hills, Hidden Hills, Encino, CA or the surrounding  Woodland Hills area, we invite you to call (818) 346-3337/ 818-FINEDDS and schedule an appointment with us.  After examining you, we will make a recommendation as to which procedure is likely to provide the best results for your appearance and lifestyle goals.

At our Woodland Hills office, our dentists understand the importance of being offered a choice when it comes to your care. We know that when we see patients with tooth loss, each of them will have a different goal and their lifestyles will be different. Factors like the type of food you like to eat, whether or not you are an active person, if you are outgoing or prefer to keep to yourself can impact which tooth replacement option is right for you.  When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Fredericks will take time to ask questions and get to know you.  Susan Fredericks DDS is dedicated to providing care that is in the best interest of the patient and fits into their financial plan. After asking you questions and conducting a complete examination, we’ll make a recommendation as to which option we feel will work best for your lifestyle. If you are a good candidate for more than one choice, we will let you know that, so you can ask more specific questions regarding the procedures and cost involved.

Dental Implants

At Susan Fredericks DDS, we can give you a well-made and durable replacement tooth, regardless of which option you select. However, if you’re looking for a replacement option that looks and functions like a natural tooth, a dental implant is the best choice.  When completing this procedure, we’ll place a titanium implant underneath the gums and secure it to the jawbone. Over the course of three to four months, the titanium and bone will fuse together. The process of osseointegration makes it possible for us to give you a durable tooth replacement that should last many years. After healing, we will then attach a new crown that has been specifically created to blend in with your surrounding teeth. An implant is the next best thing to a natural tooth. It is important to note that this is a surgical procedure, and in order to qualify, your jawbone will need to have sufficient bone density. Not everyone qualifies for the procedure. There are, however, other durable replacement solutions, such as a dental bridge.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is created by securing a dental crown to the two teeth adjacent and surrounding the missing one. These crowns serve as anchors to hold a  tooth colored bridge in place that a new tooth is secured to. This is the most durable, non-surgical solution you can get to replace a missing tooth and is bonded into place.  Many of our patients prefer this as an alternative to dentures while being less invasive than implants. During a consultation, our Woodland Hills dentist can explain the benefit of both options so you can determine which solution will work best. Additionally, if you have any restrictions, such as your remaining teeth not being healthy enough to support a bridge, we will let you know and offer a different solution.


In some cases, dentures are an ideal way to replace missing teeth. While not as durable or sturdy as an implant or bridge, they do have their place. Dentures are an ideal immediate solution while waiting for another cosmetic procedure. Also, if you have suffered from resorption and do not have any strong, remaining teeth, they may be necessary. In this situation, modern dentistry has made it possible to wear a set of dentures that looks natural, particularly if you have the option to get an implant supported denture. This type of denture does not come out of your mouth, and is firmly held in place for unmatched stability.

For more information about this procedure, call Susan Fredericks DDS at (818) 346-3337.