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Dr. Susan Fredericks understands that patients need good information in order to make the right choice for their dental needs. Woodland Hills and Calabasas residents looking for the best dental practice for their general, cosmetic, and restorative dental needs can read reviews from other patients to help them make their decision. We are grateful for all of our patient reviews and are pleased to provide them here on this page for prospective patients to read. Dr. Fredericks and her team at Southern Cal Smiles believe that each patient is unique and should have a truly individualized experience. We hope these patient reviews of Southern Cal Smiles help you better understand the exceptional care we provide, and we hope to see you soon for your appointment.

Review by M.J.
Source: Google

They are a great bunch ! Pain free cleaning!

Review by H.S.
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My kids love coming here! Great, professional atmosphere with a sense of humor! Love the doctor, dental hygienist and the receptionist!! My kids love coming there to pull out their loose teeth… loves getting their teeth cleaned. Even if they have a cavity the dental hygienist and Dr. Fredericks are super nice and takes care of them! My son loves to go to there because of Noura! She is very funny and engaging! He loves talking with her about video games and movies! He gets a little sad when she is not there but he loves everyone in the office! Whenever I tell my kids we got to go Dr. Fredericks they get super excited!!! This place is highly recommended for adults and kids!

Review by R.M.
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I can honestly say Dr. Fredericks is phenomenal. My father was a dentist so he has been the only dentist I have gone to for the past 45 years. While I love my father, I still was never in love with the idea of going to his office, but my father was extremely intelligent and always provided us with the best care. Since his retirement about a year ago, we received a referral to Dr. Fredericks. Clearly I was skeptical as I wondered if a new dentist would tell me I had numerous cavities and provide me with a laundry list of items needing to be fixed seeing as I only had one cavity. Amazingly enough, I was super impressed with Dr. Fredericks as she provided me with a thorough cleaning which was gentler than my father’s teeth cleaning technique and fortunately I had no cavities which made me super happy. Dr. Fredericks chair side manner is excellent. She will tell you stories of her family partially as a distraction but they are entertaining. I was so impressed with the basics (cleaning, x rays, etc) undertaken during my initial appointment, I chose to go back for a second appointment a week later to have her fix some cosmetic bonding items I never had time to address prior to my father’s retirement. All I can say is WOW! The difference was astounding and truly amazing. I encourage her to show everyone the difference because it is truly remarkable. This review might seem fabricated or provided by one of Dr. Frederick’s family members, but I can assure you, it is not. She is truly a terrific dentist and I encourage everyone to visit her because she truly makes magic happen. I look forward to my next visit!

Review by M.
Source: Google

Dr. Susan Fredericks is very nice and is a very well trained dentist who I trust with my teeth and my life. She is very engaging in conversation when doing my teeth and she is very kind to people she is working on and her team/staff. 100/5 will always go to her in need of dentistry.

Review by M.S.
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One dentist my whole life, Dr. Fredericks. I constantly get compliments on my teeth by people of all ages. Great office full of friendly people!

Review by J.C.
Source: Google

Best dentist, best office, I’ve ever had. Over 20 years as a patient along with entire family.

Review by S.O.
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Have had no problems with a Crown installed by Dr Fredericks on a lower tooth last year; been coming here since CompuServe was a thing. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, her office and staff are great.

Review by K.O.
Source: Google

Excellent service as always!!!! Love this team

Review by S.L.
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Dr. Fredricks is amazing. I’ve been a patient of her’s for several years and she truly cares about the quality of work performed and having a satisfied patient. I could not imagine going anywhere else. If your in search of a dentist this is the spot to make your appointment at.

Review by N.C.
Source: Google

Dr. Fredericks is the best dentist I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve had so many issues with my teeth and I can completely trust her with every decision. She’s just so funny, positive and professional. I love all the women working at her office too!

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