COVID-19 Update from Dr. Fredericks



June 19, 2020

Hello All,


We have been back to work for 4 weeks now. When we came back, we put in place strict protocols and new methods for greatly limiting the spread of Coronavirus in our office. First and foremost are administrative controls. This will greatly restrict the presence of anyone in our office who might potentially be an asymptomatic carrier. Our greatest concern is the safety of our patients and staff.


As I mentioned previously, I have had the building install Hospital grade Hepa filters. In the meanwhile, I have added additional Hospital grade Hepa filters in each of my treatment rooms, ensuring immediate cleaning of the air without it having to cycle thru the building. The filters are all twice capacity for the size of the room. We are also utilizing UV light disinfection where appropriate, in addition to our already strict cleaning. We feel we are doing all we can for patient management, sterilization, and air quality.


We urge you to come in for your regular visits. Last week, a long time patient came in with swelling on the left lower jaw. It was very visible and good sized. The patient came in for a cleaning. I asked the patient how long this had been present? The patient replied it did not hurt and that it started in early March. It was small, but had gotten bigger, and then we went into lockdown. Since it was not painful, the patient was not that concerned. The tooth was extracted and surrounding area biopsied. The patient has cancer. Obviously, I could not have prevented this, but I do wish the patient had contacted me as soon as this became present instead of waiting 3 months.


Please come in and take care of yourselves. Dental offices are rated safer to visit than going to the market. Be Safe, Smart and Healthy!!