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Comprehensive Dental Services From Our Woodland Hills Dentist

At Southern Cal Smiles, our caring dentist Dr. Fredericks is proud to offer a wide array of dental services to patients in the Calabasas, Chatsworth, Woodland Hills, and neighboring Southern California areas. Your smile can leave a lasting first impression, and we want to help ensure your smile is one you can take pride in. No matter what’s holding you back from smiling with ease and comfort, our dental professionals have the tools and experience to help.

Read on to learn how our exceptional dentist and her expert dental team can help improve the health, function, and appearance of your smile!

General Dentistry

To keep your oral health in good condition, we offer a variety of general dentistry treatments. From oral exams to preventative treatments, Dr. Fredericks can provide treatment and relief for even your worst toothaches, as well as prevent complications before they develop.

Our general dentistry treatments include:

Cosmetic Dentistry

Smiles can make lasting impressions and our cosmetic dentistry treatments can help give you a smile you can take pride in. If you feel like your teeth are holding you back in social situations, Dr. Fredericks can help rejuvenate your smile and give your confidence a boost. As one of the best cosmetic dentists in Southern California, you can rest assured your smile is in good hands.

Our cosmetic dental services include:

When combined with good oral hygiene and routine dental check-ups, these treatments can help you achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. For life-transforming cosmetic dental treatments in Woodland Hills, Hidden Hills, Calabasas, CA, and the surrounding areas, schedule an appointment with us today!

Restorative Dentistry

If damaged or decayed teeth are making it difficult to speak and chew with comfort, you may benefit from one of our restorative dentistry services. These treatments can help restore your smile’s health, function, and appearance so you can live life without restrictions.

Our restorative dentistry treatments include:

Some of these treatments require sufficient jawbone density and gum health. To learn if you qualify, it’s best to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Fredericks by calling our Woodland Hills office at 818-346-3337. We customize all restorative dentistry procedures to cater to your individual dental needs.

Advanced Dentistry

Our advanced dentistry treatments with our Woodland Hills dentist can help correct issues regular treatments can’t resolve. We aim to provide treatment to every patient no matter the cause of their oral health problems. You deserve to live life and receive the dental treatment you need without pain or stress. Dr. Fredericks is devoted to helping every patient smile with relief and comfort.

Our advanced dentistry services include:

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