Night Guards in Woodland Hills, CA

About Night Guards

Clenching the jaw and grinding the teeth at night, a condition called bruxism affects many people and leads to oral health problems. Residents in Woodland Hills, Calabasas, and the surrounding areas of Los Angeles who wake up with headaches, jaw pain, and ground-down teeth should schedule a consultation at Southern Cal Smiles to learn more about custom-made night guards.

Cosmetic and restorative dentist Dr. Susan Fredericks can help you solve problems caused by teeth grinding and jaw clenching with high-quality night guards designed to relieve pain and protect your oral health. Unlike over-the-counter products, a custom night guard from Southern Cal Smiles is designed to comfortably fit your mouth, suit your specific needs, and last a long time with proper care. If you’re waking up with headaches and pain, and you’re concerned about the future problems caused by bruxism, schedule a consultation with Dr. Fredericks at Southern Cal Smiles in Woodland Hills, CA to learn more about a professionally made night guard.

What to Expect

Dr. Fredericks will make impressions of your upper and lower teeth and take digital x-rays, which will be sent to a dental laboratory. The custom-fit nightguard will be crafted from high-quality materials and returned to Southern Cal Smiles. You will have your new night guard checked and fitted by Dr. Fredericks, who may make minor adjustments for comfort.

Treatment Aftercare

While fitting the night guard, Dr. Fredericks will give you more specific care instructions on how to clean and store it. With proper care, a night guard can be used for several years. You should clean the mouth guard before and after each use. Dr. Fredericks will check for general wear at your regular dental appointments at Southern Cal Smiles and determine when your night guard needs to be repaired or replaced.

Insurance Coverage

Some or all of the cost may be covered by dental insurance if you have visible wear on your teeth from bruxism. Our office can confirm your benefits through your insurance to determine your out-of-pocket cost. For patients without insurance or if your insurance does not cover your treatment, Southern Cal Smiles accepts many forms of payment and we have financing plans available.

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