Laser Teeth Whitening in Woodland Hills, CA

About Laser Teeth Whitening

When you’re surrounded by actual Hollywood smiles, it’s easy for people in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Calabasas, and Woodland Hills to want a similarly bright, beautiful smile. At Southern Cal Smiles, cosmetic and general dentist Dr. Susan Fredericks offers several teeth whitening treatments, including laser teeth whitening with the BriteSmile system. In just an hour or so, your teeth can be up to 8 – 12 shades lighter with the state-of-the-art BriteSmile laser teeth whitening system at our Woodland Hills, CA office.

The BriteSmile system is designed to improve the look of stains on the tooth enamel and the underlying dentin without harming the overall tooth structure. To maintain the results of your BriteSmile treatment, you can also talk to Dr. Fredericks about home tooth whitening treatments. If your teeth have become discolored or faded as a result of aging or diet, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Fredericks to learn about professional teeth whitening, including in-office BriteSmile treatments.

What to Expect

Laser teeth whitening is done at our Woodland Hills, CA office and while anesthesia isn’t needed, sedation options are available if you have anxiety or a strong gag reflex. For the best results, your teeth will be professionally cleaned and polished before the treatment, then your teeth will be dried and a protective barrier will be applied over the gums. Once your teeth and gums are prepped, Dr. Fredericks will apply the whitening gel to the teeth. Once the gel is activated, stains will be removed from the enamel for several minutes until Dr. Fredericks removes the gel. Depending on your current enamel color and whitening goals, the gel will be applied up to three times. Once the whitening treatment is complete, Dr. Fredericks will remove the gel and gum barrier before fully rinsing the mouth.

Treatment Aftercare

After the treatment, you should avoid staining food and beverages as well as tobacco products as much as possible to maintain the results of your laser teeth whitening treatment. You may have some sensitivity after the procedure, which should be discussed with Dr. Fredericks if it lasts longer than 3 – 5 days after the treatment. You should continue to follow a good home oral care routine, and visit Southern Cal Smiles twice a year for a professional cleaning and once a year for a dental exam to minimize future staining. With good oral care, the results of a laser teeth whitening treatment can last for several years and be touched up as needed.

Insurance Coverage

Laser teeth whitening treatments are usually not covered by dental insurance since it’s a cosmetic procedure, but our front office can confirm your coverage before discussing the cost. Southern Cal Smiles offers many payment options and financing plans to cover procedures like laser teeth whitening.

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