Dental Exams in Woodland Hills, CA

What Are Dental Exams?

Experts have found a link between oral health and your overall health. Keeping your teeth and gums in top shape is not only good for your smile, but it’s also good for your heart, cardiovascular system, and major organs. This is why it’s important to schedule annual dental exams at Southern Cal Smiles with board-certified general and cosmetic dentist Dr. Susan Fredericks.

During your dental exam, Dr. Fredericks will check for signs of disease or decay that may call for improvements to your home dental care routine or professional treatments. Since some dental diseases can manifest without any painful symptoms, Dr. Fredericks regularly uses state-of-the-art equipment like digital x-rays and intraoral cameras to check for problems. Think of Dr. Fredericks and her team at Southern Cal Smiles as a partner and the biggest advocate for the oral and overall health of patients in Woodland Hills, CA.

Is an Oral Cancer Screening Included?

Approximately 50,000 individuals in this nation are affected by oral cancer annually. Even so, the condition can be completely treatable when identified promptly. Oral cancer is a fast-developing accumulation of cells that might occur inside of or throughout the mouth, including on the lips, cheeks, tongue, salivary glands, jaws, or the throat, among other oral areas.

Dr. Fredericks conducts an oral cancer screening at each yearly exam to detect nonmalignant cells, cancerous tumors, or additional irregular developments. A handful of the frequently seen symptoms of oral cancer comprise abrasions, bumps, convex or rough areas, and discolored soft tissue. The areas in question can be taken out and analyzed, or you could be referred to a specialist for thorough care.

Who Should Receive a Dental Exam?

The American Dental Association (or ADA) advises that all young patients should visit a dental practitioner before they turn one. For individuals at a young age, our staff can target common concerns, like the eruption of new teeth and finger-sucking, and guide you in cleaning your child’s teeth and gum tissues as their jawbone tissues grow. Regular comprehensive oral exams could help your young ones form proper oral practices at a young age and enable them to attain healthy smiles for a lifetime.

What Can I Expect During a Dental Exam?

A thorough dental examination will start with a conversation between you and Dr. Fredericks to discuss your current health, including any current medications, illnesses, and surgeries. Dr. Fredericks will also ask if you’ve noticed any changes in your mouth or if you have any areas of concern.

To get a complete picture of your mouth, Dr. Fredericks or a member of her team will begin by taking digital x-rays to see the teeth, gums, and bones. Dr. Fredericks will then perform a visual check of your mouth and then continue the exam with palpation (touch) to check for signs of oral cancer, decay, and disease. Dr. Fredericks may also use probing tools to check the health of the gums by measuring the depth of the gum pockets and looking for areas of inflammation.

What Can I Expect After a Dental Exam?

If Dr. Fredericks finds any areas of concern during the dental examination, she’ll talk to you about possible preventative measures that may be performed at the office or at home. Dr. Fredericks will let you know when they should schedule your next dental exam to check on your progress. In some cases, Dr. Fredericks may recommend further testing or refer you to a specialist.

How Much Does a Dental Exam Cost?

The cost for an annual dental examination varies among practices, but it averages between $100 and $300. The front office will consult with your insurance company before your visit since most companies cover this cost up to 100%. If you’re paying out of pocket, you may discuss payment options during your consultation.

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