Tooth Extractions in Woodland Hills, CA

Relieve Your Tooth Pain With Extraction

When a tooth is damaged or beyond the point of repair, it may need to be removed to prevent future complications. At Southern Cal Smiles, Dr. Susan Fredericks is one of the best dentists in Woodland Hills, CA, for tooth extractions of all types. Our dental team will take the utmost care in planning and performing your tooth removal procedure.

We proudly serve the Hidden Hills, West Hills, and surrounding San Fernando Valley areas with gentle tooth extractions. Learn more about the procedure and how our dentist can make the process a breeze. 

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

While no one wants to hear they need a tooth removed, it’s sometimes the best decision for preserving your oral health. Your dentist in Woodland Hills will only recommend extraction for patients struggling with teeth that are:

  • Overcrowded
  • Trapped beneath the gum line (impacted)
  • Damaged beyond repair
  • Severely decayed or infected 

Types of Tooth Extraction

At Southern Cal Smiles, we offer various types of extraction procedures, each performed with local anesthesia and your preference for dental sedation. These procedures include:

  • Simple Extraction: This procedure is performed on teeth that have emerged from the gum line, and are either overcrowded, infected, or damaged. This form of removal doesn’t require any surgical methods. 
  • Surgical Extraction: Our dentist may opt to surgically remove an impacted tooth that’s trapped below the gum line. This procedure requires incisions to access and safely extract the targeted tooth. 
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Similar to a surgical extraction, removing a wisdom tooth usually requires an incision. Dr. Fredericks will gently access and remove the third set of molars, which is recommended for patients in their late teens and early twenties. 

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

After your tooth removal, Dr. Fredericks will provide a list of post-operative instructions for you to follow for at least 24 hours. These instructions may include:

  • Avoiding vigorous physical activity 
  • Avoiding using a straw
  • Avoiding tobacco and alcohol
  • Avoiding chewing on the surgical site
  • Following a soft food or liquid diet
  • Taking pain medications as prescribed
  • Icing the area in 10-minute intervals with a cold compress

Insurance Coverage

If the extraction is done for medical purposes, a portion of the cost is usually covered by dental insurance. The coverage may vary based on the type of extraction, so our office will confirm your benefits and out-of-pocket cost. We also offer financing plans and accept several payment options to make your procedure more affordable.

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