Dental Crowns in Woodland Hills & Calabasas, CA

About Dental Crowns

Are you looking for a dental restoration to improve the appearance and function of a weak tooth? Dental crowns, also known as caps, slip right over the surface of the tooth and blend in beautifully with the surrounding teeth. Crowns restore the function and appearance of chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged teeth. A dental crown makes it easier to chew, speak, and smile while also providing strength to a tooth that is structurally flawed. The restorations are custom-crafted to blend in perfectly with your smile, so no one will be able to detect your natural teeth from your dental crown. Dr. Susan Fredericks, a Woodland Hills general, and cosmetic dentist, often use crowns to rejuvenate the smiles of her patients at her practice near Calabasas. The placement process is simple and straightforward, so you can quickly return to smiling and eating normally. To learn more about dental crowns, schedule an appointment with Dr. Fredericks at Southern Cal Smiles in Woodland Hills, CA.

What to Expect

To create a custom crown, Dr. Fredericks first prepares the tooth by removing a thin layer of enamel, then takes digital x-rays and physical impressions to be sent to the dental laboratory. A temporary crown can be placed on the tooth while your permanent, custom crown is being made. When the permanent crown is returned to the office, Dr. Fredericks will carefully fit and set the crown on your tooth. Dr. Fredericks may adjust the crown for a more comfortable fit.

Treatment Aftercare

You may experience a temporary discomfort or tooth sensitivity, but most patients usually do not have any pain after a crown is placed. With proper home care and regular dental cleanings and exams at Southern Cal Smiles, a crown may last for 10 – 40 years depending on its material. In some cases, a cavity or infection may develop under the tooth, which may require a root canal or other procedure.

Insurance Coverage

If the crown is considered medically necessary, dental insurance may cover some or most of the cost. Our office will check with your insurance to determine your coverage and out-of-pocket costs. Estimated costs, payment options, and financing available through Southern Cal Smiles can be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Fredericks.

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