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About Removable Dentures

If you have badly damaged or missing teeth, dentures may be a great dental solution for you. Dentures are a common treatment for individuals of any age (not just the elderly) who have lost most or all of their teeth. Dentures are removable appliances that sit on top of the gums and restore the appearance and function of a full set of teeth. Crafted from fine-quality materials, dentures improve your smile and overall facial appearance. General and cosmetic dentist Dr. Susan Fredericks fits and places dentures at Southern Cal Smiles. For her Woodland Hills and Calabasas patients, Dr. Fredericks will first examine your gums and the supporting bone structure to help her develop a treatment plan suited to your needs. If you have any remaining teeth, you may choose to have a partial denture placed between the remaining teeth, or Dr. Fredericks may extract them and place a full (also known as a complete) denture. If you’d like to learn more about replacing all of your teeth with dentures, please contact Dr. Fredericks and her team at Southern Cal Smiles conveniently located in Woodland Hills, CA.

What to Expect

The procedure for dentures starts with Dr. Fredericks preparing your mouth, which may include extractions, cleanings, or filing the natural teeth. After the mouth is prepared, we will take digital x-rays and physical impressions, and send them to a dental laboratory where custom dentures will be created. While the permanent dentures are being created, Dr. Fredericks will give you temporary dentures to wear. When the custom dentures are completed, Dr. Fredericks will adjust as needed to give you your most comfortable and secure fit. If needed, you may schedule a follow-up appointment after your dentures are first placed so Dr. Fredericks can check and adjust the fit of the dentures.

Treatment Aftercare

Care instructions for dentures will be provided by Dr. Fredericks to help you keep your dentures clean and in good condition. Removable dentures can last 2 – 10 years with proper care. Be sure to schedule regular dental exams as often as recommended by Dr. Fredericks to check the wear of your dentures and the health of your gums and mouth.

Insurance Coverage

Complete and partial dentures are usually covered in part by dental insurance; our office will contact your insurance company to calculate the potential out-of-pocket costs. Please talk to Dr. Fredericks about what payments are accepted by our office and what financing plans are available.

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