Full mouth porcelain veneers and crowns gives Tarzana, CA woman a big emotional boost

Patient Age: 60-69

Patient Gender: Female

Procedure Details

An older lady came in looking to improve her smile and overall look. I always start out very conservatively and try to provide what the patient wants. In the end, We did all of her teeth and the patient was very happy.

A super nice older Tarzana, CA lady, who has been a patient for many years, came in after her husband had passed away. She wanted a better smile. Originally we planned on the upper front 6 teeth. After she did that, she said, DO ALL MY TEETH, this looks fantastic! We were able to close spaces, take care of chipped or damaged teeth and make the teeth much whiter. The patient said to me, “there is nothing that makes me feel older than stained, yellow crooked teeth” “I feel 15 years younger!” She has had these for 12 years now, all doing very well. She told me when she passes away, she will have an open casket funeral and her mouth in a big smile, so everyone can appreciate her beautiful teeth!


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