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Dr. Susan Fredericks understands that patients need good information in order to make the right choice for their dental needs. Woodland Hills and Calabasas residents looking for the best dental practice for their general, cosmetic, and restorative dental needs can read reviews from other patients to help them make their decision. We are grateful for all of our patient reviews and are pleased to provide them here on this page for prospective patients to read. Dr. Fredericks and her team at Southern Cal Smiles believe that each patient is unique and should have a truly individualized experience. We hope these patient reviews of Southern Cal Smiles help you better understand the exceptional care we provide, and we hope to see you soon for your appointment.

Review by S.G.
Source: Yelp

Dr. Fredericks was recommended by a co-worker, and despite being a little far from my home (downtown L.A.) I went there for 2 years.  Dr. Fredericks and her staff are very polite and professional, and while I feel confident about the level of technology they use in their treatments, I don’t feel that they try to sell or push the use of technology that many other dentists seem to do.  I hadn’t been to a dentist for about a year and had to get some fillings done.  They did a great job of working with my schedule and insurance/health savings plan to get the work done.  Dr. Fredericks also had some concerns about my perio health, so she recommended a deeper cleaning and more frequent check-ups to monitor the condition.  At my next checkup, all was good and I was back on track for excellent dental health. Unfortunately, I had to change dentists due to a new job and move to South Orange County.  I was shocked when my new dentist told me I needed fillings and perio-treatment totaling almost $4000!  It was only 6 months since my last visit, so I knew something wasn’t right.  I called Dr. Fredericks to get a consultation and she was able to accommodate me on a Saturday.  I made the nearly 2 hour trip, and I’m glad I did.  Dr. Fredericks conducted the examination herself and informed me everything was fine, there were just a couple things I needed to monitor and stay with regular check-ups to prevent issues.  Dr. Fredericks gave me an honest evaluation that put me at ease, if my insurance covered it I would stay put and continue to make the trip up.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Fredericks to anyone looking for a dentist in the area, it’s worth the trip for top-notch, honest treatment!

Review by M.R.
Source: Yelp

I felt compelled to write a review for this dental office because my experience was such a positive one, as well as a rather unique dental situation, and especially illustrates what an honest and compassionate dentist Dr. Susan Fredericks is. I had recently moved to California from Florida when I discovered that I had an infection in my front tooth implant (an implant which was done by a periodontist and cosmetic dentist in Florida). I looked online for a cosmetic dentist and was lucky enough to discover Dr. Frederick’s website. When I called, the receptionist (also named Susan), was and is such a delightfully pleasant person to speak with that when she offered me a free consultation just to diagnose the situation, I immediately made an appointment…and how glad I am that I did. An x-ray revealed that I did indeed have an infection in my implant and it appeared as if my “permanent” abutment had eroded away. This was, according to Dr. Fredericks, an unusual thing to happen to a permanent abutment. Because of the unusual nature of the situation, Dr. Fredericks arranged to have the rep that provides the abutments at my appointment so they could see why the previous abutment failed and make sure the appropriate new abutment was ordered. Lo and behold, when Dr. Fredericks took off my crown, she discovered (and the rep confirmed) that the eroded abutment was not a permanent abutment, but a temporary abutment only designed to last 180 days that had been in my mouth for SIX YEARS! This was obviously negligence on the part of my former periodontist and cosmetic dentist…on top of the fact that I had paid for a permanent abutment that I never received! Now… Dr. Fredericks could have done what I suspect most dentists and doctors would do…cover for another doctor in the profession and simply not tell me the true nature of my problem. She could have just as easily told me that the permanent abutment had failed…after all, it had been six years. I probably wouldn’t have questioned it if she had told me that. But she didn’t try to cover for my previous dentists and she didn’t hide the facts. Rather, she chose to be an honest and compassionate professional by explaining to me the true nature of my abutment failure AND THEN she immediately contacted my former periodontist and cosmetic dentist, notifying them of the situation (and sending photos of the temporary eroded abutment) and requesting that they reimburse me for the expenses resulting from this situation….which they agreed to do after correspondence with Dr. Fredericks and the implant rep. I am so grateful to Dr. Fredericks for taking the high road and being honest with me about my situation and who was responsible for it. She did not feel that I, the patient, should have to pay for a situation due to another dentists’ negligence that wasn’t my fault. How many dentists would do that for a patient when they could have just as easily covered it up and made things easier for themselves? After all, Dr. Fredericks had to take a lot of extra time to take photos, document the situation, consult with the rep, and correspond with my former dentists. She did all of this willingly, and without charge, to help me…the patient! So, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Fredericks and her staff if you want an honest dentist with integrity and compassion for her patients. And as far as dental fees go, they are reasonable too. I would also like to add that when a dentist, such as Dr. Fredericks, goes to a poor South American country at her own expense and on her vacation time to head up a dental clinic to give people with no access to dental services free dental treatment, that you know you have a dentist who isn’t all about the money! She is about helping people. That is the kind of dentist I wish to go to! A BIG FIVE STARS for Dr. Susan Fredericks and her staff! Highly, highly recommend!!!! Mimi Roberts

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