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Dr. Susan Fredericks understands that patients need good information in order to make the right choice for their dental needs. Woodland Hills and Calabasas residents looking for the best dental practice for their general, cosmetic, and restorative dental needs can read reviews from other patients to help them make their decision. We are grateful for all of our patient reviews and are pleased to provide them here on this page for prospective patients to read. Dr. Fredericks and her team at Southern Cal Smiles believe that each patient is unique and should have a truly individualized experience. We hope these patient reviews of Southern Cal Smiles help you better understand the exceptional care we provide, and we hope to see you soon for your appointment.

Review by J.M.
Source: Healthgrades

Dr. Susan Fredericks has been my dentist for some years now. I just finally replaced my front teeth crowns (I broke my front teeth in 4th grade), which was very nerve-wracking to me, I was shown a number of styles of teeth, and picked some closest to my sister’s teeth. The whole experience was long and stressful, but Dr. Fredericks held my hand (figuratively) the whole way, and made as many adjustments as needed. They are beautiful front teeth! Thank you, Dr. Fredericks!

Review by A.A.
Source: Healthgrades

Excellent and amazing have been a patient of Dr. Fredricks for years and have never had a bad experience. And getting crowns on the front teeth I broke in a fall went just as quickly and smoothly as knew it would. Her staff are super nice and helpful, and Dr.Fredricks got the job done perfectly…I now have two perfect new front teeth!

Review by M.Y.
Source: Healthgrades

Dr. Fredericks has been treating me since Oct 2010. It was obvious that day 10 years ago, that her dental practice was at an elevated level I had not yet experienced. Here are a few of Dr. Frederick’s unique touches:1. Case Mgmt: She and her staff just care. From implants, root canals, cleanings, fillings, to a broken tooth (my dog’s head crashed into my face), she coordinates all aspects of my dental work with implant specialists. Like a general contractor manages all areas of a project, but she doesn’t charge for it. 2. Maximize benefits: Dr. Fredericks ensures that I don’t leave insurance $ unused. Her office mgr provides updates on how much annual $ I have left to spend. 3. Prioritize: Works with me to plan work within my budget.4. Patient Advocate: When insurance denied a pre-auth, her team pushed back until it was approved.5. Trust: I trust Dr. Fredericks and because year after year, she and her staff consistently provide genuine care and the best patient service.

Review by B.P.
Source: Healthgrades

This was my first root canal and i was very apprehensive before the procedure. Everyone has heard those nightmare stories of pain etc and i was not looking forward to it. well, i was given plenty of novocain and i have to say it was a totally pain free experience!! It wasnt much different than getting a filling done.Dr. Fredericks and her team are friendly, experienced and professional. I have been coming here for many years and have always gotten great results with my crowns and other work done.

Review by J.M.
Source: Healthgrades

I saw Dr. Fredericks for the first time last week as a second opinion. The dentist I previously saw told me that I absolutely needed to have implants put in and quoted my dental work to cost about $12,000. Dr. Fredericks did her own assessment and concluded that I did not need to have implants; that implants in my case would be elective. I appreciated her honesty as she could have also tried to overdiagnose me and she did not. I have found a new dentist and I feel so confident in her work and diagnoses due to education and honesty.

Review by A.R.
Source: Healthgrades

After years of dealing with discoloration on my two front teeth, Dr. Fredericks offered to bond the teeth and remove the discoloration. Every other dentist I’ve visited only offered veneers or crowns to fix the issue. I’m so happy with the results! The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable as well!

Review by Anonymous
Source: Healthgrades

My mouth is full of crowns and this is by far the best fitting one. Dr. Fredericks did an excellent crown fit and knows her stuff. She is very personable and my new favorite dentist.

Review by I.I.
Source: Yelp

I have been a patient of Dr. Fredericks for over 10 years and my husband and two children have been as well.  Susan runs a great dental office, from the hygienist to the assistants to the receptionist to the person that handles billing.  Her hours are very flexible, and I’ve been in on more than on occasion on a Saturday.  Two years ago I moved to Northern California, and I still travel to the LA-area to see her. Last week I was travelling to LA, but not for dental care.  The morning I was leaving, one of my old crowns came off after flossing.  I arrived in town on a Saturday that the office was closed.  I texted her (the answering service gives out her personal mobile phone number!) and told her what happened.  She was across town but said she would be passing through the area of the office around 6pm and would meet me at the office if it worked for me.  We ended up meeting at the office and she reattached my crown.  I have come to expect great service, but that took the cake! If they had six stars I would give Susan a 6-star review.

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